Revolutionize Your Testing Process with AI: The Future of Software Testing is Here

Revolutionize Your Testing Process with AI: The Future of Software Testing is Here

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Justin Trugman
·Dec 15, 2022·

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The competitive landscape of software development is changing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a major role in that transformation. AI is revolutionizing the future of software testing, introducing a wealth of possibilities that will lead to improved test results and streamlined processes. This blog post will explore two of the most revolutionary advances in AI-assisted software testing – predictive test selection and automated test generation. Predictive test selection utilizes AI algorithms to analyze data from past and current tests in order to determine which areas of the software require further testing. By predicting which tests are likely to yield the most information or the highest percentage of failure, developers can target their efforts in areas that will yield the most benefit. Automated test generation is another revolutionary advancement enabled by AI. This technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze existing tests and generate new tests that assess different aspects of the software. By leveraging the power of AI, the automated test generation process is more effective and efficient than ever before.

Predictive Test Selection

The future of software testing is set to be drastically altered with the introduction of predictive test selection. Predictive test selection is a technique which uses machine learning to intelligently select which tests to run based on the history of changes and the current state of the code. This approach promises to dramatically reduce the time required to test a piece of software, enabling testers to focus on those areas most likely to be affected by a change, rather than performing exhaustive tests on all code. Furthermore, predictive test selection can help identify areas of code which may be at risk of bugs, allowing teams to proactively fix issues before they become a problem. The use of predictive test selection is likely to revolutionize the software testing industry, making it easier to produce reliable and robust software.

Facebook brought the concept of Predictive test selection to the masses in their 2018 engineering blog post: since then it has been starting to be implemented by other companies. While implementing predictive test selection in house is easy for companies with huge engineering teams, it was not feasible for a small start up or bootstrapper to take advantage of this technology until a company called Launchabe ( started making Predictive test selection as a SAAS integration with your CI pipelines. Using Launchable you can now take advantage of AI powered predictive test selection even if you have a small to medium sized team.

Automated Test Generation

Automated test generation is a process where AI algorithms are used to create test cases for software applications. By analyzing the code and its intended behavior, the AI is able to generate tests that adequately cover all possible scenarios. This is a significant improvement over traditional manual test generation, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Automated test generation allows developers to quickly and easily create comprehensive test suites, improving code quality and reducing the number of application errors.

One tool that is leading the charge in automated test generation is This AI-powered tool allows developers to generate unit, end-to-end, API, and performance tests with just a few clicks. It integrates seamlessly with popular tools like VS Code and GitHub Actions, making it easy to use in existing development pipelines. The beta launch of is free, so sign up now to try it out and become a code quality champion. Stay tuned for updates on the full launch and pricing details.

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